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GSL 137: Video Game Services


In Games in Schools and Libraries 137 Donald Dennis and Chris Bell talk about their maker space development and then discuss what video game services they use in the library, some free games options, and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Foam spray primer they mentioned for cosplay was Plasti-Dip.

PC Games

Epic Games

  • Free Games Weekly, changeover on Thursday

  • Store of games for purchase


  • Free and paid games, searchable by price

Subscription game services



  • 2-4 free games every month

  • Online Multiplayer Games

  • 50-75% discounts on select Xbox Games

XBox Game Pass

  • Currently access to 235+ Games, including AAA titles. (Some available for PC as well)


Playstation Plus

  • Two free PS4 Games every month

  • Online Multiplayer

  • Exclusive Discounts


Origin Access

  • Comes in 2 flavors, BASIC and PREMIER

  • Extra Content included with new EA Games

  • Early access to upcoming games

  • Evolving collection of games

  • 10% off Origin Purchases


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GSL 82: Hearthstone

wnb library.png

In Games in Schools and Libraries episode 82 Donald Dennis and Stephanie Frey talk about utilizing Hearthstone in the Library. 

They cover the basics of the game, Fireside Gatherings,  Arena, Solo Adventures, Daily Quests, and deck building.

Power Creep in Hearthstone - Extra Credits

Future Proofing Your Design - Looking at Hearthstone and Planning Ahead - Extra Credits



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Music by Ian Sovine

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