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Adrienne Ezell

Game Designer, Shogunate - 2018,
Freelance Art Director, Marketer, and Designer.

A passion for gaming meets over a decade of marketing and design experience, resulting in playing every day *for* work! Board games are Adrienne's favorite sandbox, the reward is bringing people together for fun, in a box. Getting to do it every day for work? THE. BEST.

She is passionate about bringing games to life with graphics. Known for details that make each card and page special, Adrienne's nuanced touches immerse players in the game. She focuses on the gaming experience – how we want players to feel when they play a game.

Something she finds equally rewarding is game design itself. She starts with all the bells and whistles and then pares things away till she finds the fun and gets the mechanics to marry with the theme. Her games have rules that are easy to digest and quick to get to the table.

In her spare time, she likes to travel, write, cook, and is a devotee of the Oxford comma.

Favorite Game: Concordia

Game She Wishes She Designed: Galaxy Trucker

Netrunner Crop: Jinteki (for life!)

Player Color: Green

Favorite RPG: Shadowrun

Favorite Theme: Art

Favorite Setting: Oceanic/Under the Sea

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