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Lynn Theory

Lynn Theory is primarily a Twitch livestreamer and a chatbot creator, though their skill set includes an eclectic mix of writing, editing, social media, and more. When they aren’t up to their elbows in programming code, they can be found playing computer games or getting roped into whatever tabletop games their friends are currently obsessed with. Their favorite RPG system to DM is Fate Accelerated, but they have a love for Dungeons and Dragons as well (better not to get them started on their unorthodox characters, though).

Beyond livestreaming five times per week, Lynn is frequently a guest star on other Twitch channels, such as The Nephalope. Following their Twitter account is the best way to keep track of when and where they will make an appearance.

Events and Conventions

Shushcon 2019

  • Subject Matter Expert at Story Games Workshop

  • Pharoah’s Challenge Winner

  • Convention Volunteer

Shushcon 2018

  • Subject Matter Expert at Computational Thinking Workshop

  • Convention Volunteer

Shushcon 2017

  • Convention Volunteer

Shushcon 2016

  • Convention Volunteer