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Erik Dewey

Co-host, sound engineer, and pillar of stability, for the On Board Games podcast.

Erik is also the host, sound engineer, and driving force of the On RPGs podcast. 

Author of The Big Book of Everything

Creator of Excel with Erik

Gaming Vitae



  • Reviewer


  • Reviewer

On Board Games

  • Editor
  • Cohost
  • Production Engineer

Rolling Dice and Taking Names

  • Guest with Donald Dennis (Episode 60)

Just Barely Sports Podcast

  • Guest (Episode 13)

Events & Conventions


  • Game Master
  • Game Design Panel

Company Convention Support


  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Green Knight Publishing
  • Second Rat Games


  • Iron Crown Enterprises

Company Work

Iron Crown Enterprises

  • Author/designer
  • Play Tester
  • Event support Demo Team

Mayfair Games

  • Demo Team

Wizards of the Coast

  • Author (Star Wars Gamer)

Green Knight Publishing

  • Author
  • Play Tester

Second Rat Games

  • Co Owner
  • Designer
  • Business Manager
  • Convention Events