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On RPGs Podcast

Program Concept

On RPGs is a monthly Role Playing Game focused podcast from the point of view of two guys who don't really have a lot of time to actually play games. 

Intended Audience

The intended audience for On RPGs are those already involved with the gaming hobby. While there would be a wealth of information of new players, and they will be able to enjoy the show, the discussion will include mentions of a wide variety games and occasional use of hobby-related slang so those with experience will benefit most from the show.

Format of Show

Erik and Donald talk about RPGs and RPG related stuff.  The focus of each episode is a discussion on a topic, but they also chat about whatever is going on in their gaming life. 

Fan-generated segments, topic suggestions, and review requests are always welcome.


Sometimes we have on cool guests as well, but that isn't the focus of the podcast. If we bring on a guest it they will be someone we know, admire, or are doing stuff with an RPG we love. 

Reviews and Ratings

On RPGs doesn't have a review segment or formal rating system. If you want to send us something to review we will certainly look over your game and consider it for reviews, both Erik and Donald love dice, gaming accessories and anything that can enhance play or make it easier for GMs and players to prep for games.