Lynn Theory Channel

Lynn’s Twitch channel focuses on story-driven games (RPGs, point-and-clicks, puzzle games) and multiplayer adventures with friends (MMOs, sandbox games, etc.). Occasionally Lynn will do an off-schedule art or programming stream. Their Twitter account is the best place to keep up with any scheduling changes, followed closely by their Discord server.

Lynn’s gameplay focuses on showcasing each game's story, but Lynn also enjoys in-game challenges and cosmetic items. Each day’s timeslot is a different game, making sure that so long as you can reliably tune in at that time each week, you won’t miss any part of that game’s story. Whenever one game is wrapped up on stream, another one of a similar type will take its place the next week.

Intended Audiences

Lynn encourages video game lovers of all kinds to tune in and join the stream chat. The video games Lynn shows on stream have publicly available descriptions and content information online. Lynn themself tries to keep their stream’s language and content PG-13, but as with all live productions, cannot always predict game content or a guest’s reaction. Lynn will turn on the “mature content warning” whenever they anticipate a stream may warrant it.


Mondays - 8:30pm - Achievement Hunting

With game management programs such as Steam making it more and more easy to have an Achievement system for any game in place, Lynn is jumping into games they’ve already completed to hunt down those achievements that got away from them the first time through. (Ex: Portal 2, Secret World Legends, Remember Me)

Wednesdays - 9:30pm - MMO Madness -

Finding a good massively multiplayer game that really clicks for you can be a trick, but once you find one, the adventure is on. Lynn is exploring big names such as Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, and Black Desert Online to give you a look into some of the gameplay in theses games before you go signing up for them.

Fridays - 9:30pm - Variety Pack Friday

Everyone needs that one day per week to sit back with a group of friends and say “what are we doing tonight?” The Variety Pack is Lynn’s most random stream, with frequent guest stars and a never consistent mix of games. Some repeat appearances are games like Dark Souls 3, Dead by Daylight, Slime Rancher, and Monster Prom.

Sundays - 1pm - Coffee and Puzzles

Harnessing the vibe of sitting down with a cup of coffee and the newspaper’s crossword puzzle for the day, Lynn is playing through calm and classic puzzle games. Games like the Myst series, Zork: Grand Inquisitor, and Grim Fandango have all showcased during this relaxing afternoon time slot before.

Sundays - 9:30pm - Story Game Sunday

Video games can be a fantastic way to tell a story. Most games in this time slot Lynn has never played before, turning this into a fun stream of theorizing about where the game’s story is going and trying to predict the ending before it happens. Previously completed games, to give you some examples, include the Mass Effect series, Shadowrun Returns, and Neverwinter Nights.