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GSL 128: ShushCon19 Game Reviews


In Games in Schools and Libraries 128 Donald and Chris review games that were donated for ShushCon 2019.

Donald will be at ALA Summer Annual in DC. Let us know via email or social media if you’ll be there and would like to either play a game or record a segment for the show.


Games Covered

  • Fate/Fate Accelerated

  • 3 Cheers for Master

  • Cursed Court

  • Renfair

  • Gloom in Space

  • Koi

  • Nevermore

  • Merchants of Araby

  • Between two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

  • 10 Minute Heist


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GSL 66: Staff Development Day

On this episode of Games in Schools and Libraries Donald and Stephanie talk about using games and escape room activities at the Georgetown County Library System Staff Development Day.

We led off the day with Happy Salmon, then talked to Library Staff about how we would be using escape rooms over the summer.  After lunch we talked with them about drones and how our teen patrons would be building their own drones using Flybrix. 


  • (10:47:00) Code Names & Code Names Pictures
  • (14:57:00) Chemistry Fluxx, Math Fluxx, Nature Fluxx
  • (22:17:00) Card Lines animals, Dinosaurs
  • (27:18:00) Fauna Terra 
  • (31:57:00) Oceanus

Donald will be at the ALA 2017 summer annual in Chicago, you can meet him at:

  • ALA Precon
  • ALA Play 
  • Games & Gaming Round Table Booth

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Music by Ian Sovine

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