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GSL 89: Ctrl, Alt, Decode


In Games in Schools and Libraries episode 89 Donald and Stephanie talk about what they've been doing in their library for the Libraries Ready to Code grant, and reflect on related programs they had offered their patrons before they'd even applied for the grant. 

RTC Activities

  • Escape Room Design
  • Board Game Design
  • CS First
  • Video Game Design
  • Web Site Design
  • Game Instruction 
  • Magic the Gathering

Game Reviews 
Some games that focus on teaching principles of coding and computational thought, games that teach themselves to the players as you play, and a few games all about the art. 

  • //Code On the Brink
  • //Code Rover Control
  • //Code Robot Repair
  • Mechs & Minions
  • Fear 
  • Fortress
  • Flee
  • Fog of Love
  • Code Names Marvel
  • Code Names Disney
  • Muse

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