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GSL 118: Con Jobbing

In Games in Schools and Libraries 118 Donald Dennis and Chris Bell talk about the upcoming ShushCon story game workshop, and their experiences at SCARAB 2019.

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  • ShushCon Trade Day - March 22, 2019

  • Terrain Making Workshop - Feb 3, 2019

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Lock Paper Scissors Reviews

  • Lost Mummy

  • Escape Room Z



Hitting conventions to advertise your own gaming events and activities.

RPGs we experienced

  • Dread - the game with Jenga in it.

  • Paranoia - A darkly humorous future.

  • Star Wars RPG - The Plan

  • RPG Pharaoh's Challenge - Era Silence

Vocabulary clarification:
LARP(er) - Live Action Roleplay(er)

The Witch's Pantry Escape Room


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