GSL 101: Games and Leadership


In Games in Schools and Libraries 101 JS Bragg and Bethany MacMillan join Kathleen Mercury talk about how they teach a course on leadership at Miami University of Ohio using board games.

Bethany MacMillan
Coordinator of Student Activities, Miami University Middletown Campus
Facebook: GamingGirl.Bethany (message me also to tell me who you are, please)

JS Bragg
Assistant Director, Student Activities & The Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Miami University
Twitter, Instagram, etc: @JotaEsetheGeek
BoardGameGeek: jotaese
Facebook: JSBragg (message me also to tell me who you are, please)

About the class


Original Player’s Handbook (syllabus):

Sponsoring Departments:

Miami University EDL Department:
Miami University IMS Department:
Miami University Center for Teaching Excellence:
Miami University Division of Student Affairs:


Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning (Bloom)
Learning Partnership Model (Baxter Magolda)
Drew Dudley:


The Shapes of Leadership (by Phil Stamper (  and Michael McNeil) NASAGA:   
Facebook: nasagaorg
Twitter: @nasaga

Everyday Leadership:
The Leadership Game:
The Game Has No Winners
First Follower:

Heifetz & Linsky's Leading With An Open Heart:

Kouzes & Posner's Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

Games/Topics Breakdown:

Week, Tabletop Game(s)
Leadership Themes

1 Resistance, Foundational
Vocabulary Building

2 Secret Hitler, Hanabi
Views of Team Leadership/Theories of Leadership

3 Betrayal at the House on the Hill
Views of Personal Leadership/Theories of Leadership

4 Mysterium, Corrupted Kingdoms
What is Identity? Who am I?

5 Survive, 2 Rooms and a Boom

6 Ladies and Gentlemen
Identity and Interactions

7 Wits & Wagers, Say Anything, 7 Wonders, Spyfall 2
Views of Identity and Self: Section Review

8 Pandemic, Ultimate Werewolf
Group Roles and Dynamics

9 Captain Sonar, Forbidden Island
Group Communication

10 TIME Stories, Pathfinder Adventure  Card Game  
“Victory Points”: What Counts as “Successful” Leadership?

11 The Grizzled, Telestrations, Codenames, Specter Ops
Group Leadership and Social Responsibilities: Section Review

12-14 No Games to Purchase for these weeks- Student Created Tabletop Games
Innovative Leadership, Leadership Through Gaming



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