GSL 99: ShushCon 2018 Debrief

Saturday at ShushCon 2018

Saturday at ShushCon 2018

In Games in Schools and Libraries episode 99 Donald Dennis and Stephanie Frey discuss the long weekend of ShushCon 2018, including the associated Librarian Training Day they hosted.  


Librarian Computational Thinking Activity Training

What is computational thinking?

Behold the glory of the Code-A-Pillar

Behold the glory of the Code-A-Pillar

Games & Activities Discussed

Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar
Let's Go Code! Activity Set
Future Coders: Robot Races
Future Coders: Bunny Trails
Code & Go Robot Mouse
Robot Turtles
Roller Coaster Challenge
// Code On the Brink
// Code Rover Control
// Code Robot Repair
Robo Rally
Mechs vs Minions

Lock Paper Scissors - Mummy
Webby's Challenge: a Coding Escape Room by Stephanie Frey. 

Google CS First

Great press for ShushCon!

Great press for ShushCon!

ShushCon 2018 Highlights

Many thanks to ShushCon sponsors and especially to Daniel Peterson of Mayday Games.

Magic the Gathering Unstable Booster Draft
Catan Big Game
Pharaoh's Challenge ShushCon Edition
D&D Adventurers League
Pathfinder Society
Savage Worlds
Fate/Fate Acellerated

Tokens & Badges


Southern Recipe Pork Rinds
Jimmie Johns

ShushCon 2019 Registration

Register for ShushCon 2019 today!

Register for ShushCon 2019 today!

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