GSL 70: ALA and Summer Game Activities

In Games in Schools and Libraries Donald & Stephanie discuss the grand adventure of  ALA and the activities hosted by the Games & Gaming RT.

00:01 Donald & Stephanie talk about ALA, and all the Games & Gaming RT activities including

  • Escape room pre conference
  • ALA Play 
  • Game RT booth 
  • Gaming Lounge
  • Gaming 101
  • Opening a library centric dialog with publishers and distributors

23:34 Summer game activities

  • CS First Game Design
  • Video game design with RPG Maker 
  • Tabletop RPG workshop GMing & writing a Fiasco play-set
  • Board Game design
  • Escape Room design 

29:15  Kadyn - Patron perspectives 

34:15 Josh Valderrama a High School student sharing his thoughts about games in libraries. 


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Music by Ian Sovine

Posted on July 28, 2017 .