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Hearthstone 101


Are your gamers interested in Hearthstone? Do they already like games like Magic the Gathering and Yugioh? Do you want to try something new to attract a new group of the gamer curious to your library or school club? Here is everything you need to get started.

Hearthstone is a FREE Online Collectible Card Game. It is played over PC, Android, or Apple devices and an online connection is required. This is a game where gamers construct decks from cards they collect either from leveling up their characters by playing matches or from buying booster packs with points earned or cash. While it is free to play, each gamer can have their own account or the moderator can make guest accounts available, players can earn in-game currency to purchase additional booster packs and game modes or do the same by spending real  money. We are getting a lot of play without spending a penny. 

Our Teen Room gamers have a lot of fun with Hearthstone. They enjoy building decks and battling against each other. We love it, not only is it fun to play but it reinforces a number of skills; literacy, probability assessment, critical thinking, sportsmanship, math, resource management, and executive decision making. Compared to many CCGs there isn't a steep learning curve and the built-in tutorial means you can get up and running in Hearthstone with minimal confusion or stress. If you have a computer lab or spare tablets in your space, Hearthstone could be an excellent addition to the games you already offer.


Fireside Gatherings

Hearthstone has events moderators can host called Fireside Gatherings. These are gatherings where players can play against anyone in the gathering and there’s a special mode available called a Fireside Brawl. It says 3 vs 3 Brawl on it, but that doesn’t mean you need 6 people. We made that mistake during our first gathering. It means that each player will have 3 heroes available to them, the first one to defeat all their opponent’s heroes wins. The fantastic thing about this mode is that decks are pre-built, so this mode is about skill and reacting to what you are handed, not who owns the most cards or builds the best deck.

Moderators with at least 3 unique gamers logging in during their Fireside Gathering can apply to become a Tavern. The big advantage of being a Tavern is the ability to have 5 upcoming events at a time, while anyone else can only have one upcoming event at a time. There’s also now a special hero costume for players who attend a Tavern and play a Fireside Brawl so that’s a big draw for Hearthstone players right now.

Warning: Fireside Gatherings require Wifi. Ethernet only Computers will be unable to connect to the Fireside Gathering.


Setting up a Fireside Gathering

Step 1: Make a Blizzard account.

Step 2: Download the Blizzard App and Hearthstone on a device.

Step 3: Head over on over to log in to your account then click Host a Gathering.

Step 4: Fill in those details and then hit Create Event.

Step 5: Make your flyers or use their available ones. Color or Black and White. Now just wait till the day of. Maybe play some matches in the meanwhile.

Step 6: On the day of the event, activate your Fireside. It will pop up when you log into your Hearthstone account.

Step 7: Make sure the Wifi listed is yours.

Step 8: Make sure to click add more. Chances are that your event venue has a number of access points and you want to include them all.

Step 9: Collect access points by wandering around your location with your hearthstone device (if possible).

Step 10: Now have your gamers click on the fireside and join in, if they aren't added automatically.


Step 11: Now that you've joined the Fireside, play some matches!

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-30-17 13.33.14.png

Good luck with your Fireside Gathering and have a blast!


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