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Stephanie F Frey

Editor-in-Chief of the Games & Schools and Library Blog

Co-host of the Games in Schools and Libraries podcast

Teen Games & Technology Assistant at the Waccamaw Neck Branch Library Teen Room of the Georgetown County Library System in  Pawleys Island

Professional Presentations

Shushcon 2017

  • Presenter: Escape Room Creation for Libraries

SC State Library Teen Services Exchange, January 2017

  • Presenter: Escape Rooms in Libraries

SC State Library, September January 2016

  • Presenter: Games in Libraries - Justification and Implementation

Georgetown County Library Staff In-Service 2016

  • Presenter: Games at the Georgetown County Library

Shushcon 2016

  • Presenter: Video Games on XBOX 1, PS4, and STEAM for Libraries
  • Presenter: Game Demos for Librarians
  • Presenter: Unconventional Conventions - Game Events at Libraries

Conventions Worked

  • ShushCon 2016, 2017
  • XCon Myrtle Beach
  • Killuride Film Festival 


  • Fiasco Playset - Dewey Decimation
  • Fiasco Playset - Battle Pets
  • Escape Room - Catan Escape
  • Escape Room - Mad Lab
  • Escape Room - Eco Escape

I love a huge variety of games, but my favorites have always been the kind where you strategically work together to defeat the board. Which is why Arkham Horror has always been my favorite. But it’s not only that, it’s that while you play it, it feels like a campaign and you feel like you’re playing through a story. My favorite line from playing it with friends will always be, “I didn’t become the sheriff to save people.” In games like Arkham Horror you probably won’t win but when you do (when that risky move pays off, a monster doesn’t spawn, when you’re desperate and you get that one thing you needed, whether it’s just getting all the gates sealed or you’ve landed that final punch to Cthulhu himself) everyone shares in that glorious moment.

Teaching Dixit to Library staff at the Georgetown County Library in-service day.

Teaching Dixit to Library staff at the Georgetown County Library in-service day.