On Board Games Sponsorship

On Board Games episodes are delivered to between 4,000 and 6,000 alpha-backer listeners within the first thirty days of release. Our shows cover topics of interest to gamers, designers, retailers, distributors, and publishers. With a catalog of podcast episodes going back to 2007 our deep look at gaming related topics draw the critical and truly dedicated game enthusiast. If you have a message you would like to put in the ears and minds of our listeners think about sponsoring the show.

Sponsor the show. It helps us pay the bills! Your options are:

$450 - Name Sponsor - Name Drop & Thanks

Name Sponsor support is acknowledged at the beginning and end of 50 consecutive episodes as part of our intro & outro. Other benefits include special rates on our other advertisement tiers, and priority when we are considering guests and topics for the show.

$150 - Standard Sponsor - Just Ad, no Interview

You provide audio or ad-copy, 30-60 seconds. We'll air it once, as the standard ad, between our A and B blocks on the show during the course of the Kickstarter.

$250 - Featured Sponsor - Ad + Interview

You'll get your choice of your own audio, or On Board Games hosts reading your ad copy, from 30 to 150 seconds. We'll air it once between our A and B block. You will also be listed as a show sponsor in the intro.

You'll also get to appear on ~12 minute INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT segment called that will air while your Kickstarter is live, or on a negotiated episode.

$350 - Premier Episode Sponsor - Ad + Interview + Exclusive

You'll be the sole advertiser (other than our ongoing show/season sponsor, if any). You'll get the ad block between A and B, as described above, throughout your Kickstarter campaign, up to 3 times. You'll also receive acknowledgement at the start and of the show for sponsoring the episode.

You'll also get to appear on ~12 minute INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT segment called that will air while your Kickstarter is live, or on the episode we negotiate.

Recording for your advertisement or INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT

When recording your advertisement, or joining us for the INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT interview you will need to be ready! Have a separate microphone (not the one built into your laptop), headphones, Audacity/Garage band software for recording your audio, Skype or Google Hangouts, and a quiet space for recording the interview. Your audio quality is the biggest variable in whether people will listen to your story! We’ll edit you to sound as good as possible, and you can help us by having reasonable equipment and a quiet environment when you record.

Our recording slots are VERY limited, so please let us know as soon as you can, so we can ensure timely coverage of your product or crowdfunding campaign. Good luck, and thank you!

Contact onboardgames.net@gmail.com if you have any questions, or to book!