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31 - Puzzle Design with Dan Katz

This week we interview puzzle designer and enthusiast Dan Katz! This is probably our longest podcast yet. Blame Errol.

Dan Katz has written puzzlehunt puzzles for the MIT Mystery Hunt, the Gen Con Puzzle Hunt, and BAPHL. His puzzles have also appeared in Wired, MAA Focus, and Games World of Puzzles. His most notorious gift to the puzzling community is the follow-the-deranged-directions puzzle format known as the Duck Konundrum, for which he sincerely apologizes.

Check out Dan's new puzzle blog at

For the curious, see the most excellent Xbox puzzle on youtube.

And the parody song was written and performed by Dan Katz himself!

Posted on February 21, 2017 .

REDivas 12 - The Puzzle Hunt Community with Dan Egnor

An intro to the puzzle hunt community by none other than Dan Egnor, who runs the Puzzle Hunt Calendar, the first Escape Room Directory in North America, and also a member of the design team for many puzzle hunts including BANG 35. 

We talk about puzzle design, running a city wide puzzle hunt, as well as the local scene in the Bay area!

The parody song was suggested by Manpans and covers the intro rules to an escape room in song form!

Posted on July 12, 2016 .