Escape Room Related Board Games with Donald Dennis

In Episode 17, we join Donald Dennis who is the host of On Board Games. We have a great discussion on escape room related board games, and other games that struck our fancy!

We are hopeful for the upcoming batches of escape room board games, but our expectations are especially high, being divas and all!

Errol is extremely pleased someone else wrote and sang the parody song! Eric Boudreau, owner of Escape Capers in Calgary wrote the lyrics to "At Least One Way To Leave This Locked Room", and it was performed by the one and only Annie Pattison, who also works there! (Seriously, check out her youtube page to hear more of her singing! She's awesome!)

We really hope you enjoy this episode! And Donald asked a question for the listeners, so by all means, please answer!

Posted on August 23, 2016 .