95 - Seattle and Vancouver: Escape Room Marathon

Manda and Errol head off to the west coast with Margaux and Leezet to do an escape room Marathon! They hit 16 escape rooms in about 3 and a half days. It was amazing! They also got a chance to talk to so many people! And Errol rants only two times out of 16 escapes!

To read about our adventures, Manpans has a three part blog series on our adventures!

Episode Outline

  • 01:47 - Brian Hughes - Pandora's Locks and the Vancouver Escape Room Market

  • 10:20 - Margaux & Elvina - Discuss Find & Seek and awful logic puzzles

  • 15:22 - We're in Seattle!

  • 18:48 - Seth Wolfson of Hourglass Escapes

  • 20:11 - Emile Wang and Justin Nevins after Epic Team Adventures

  • 30:12 - Kristine Atri of Escape Artist

  • 34:27 - Margaux, Leezet, Manpans, and Errol discuss their final thoughts

  • 61:05 - Shoutouts to GMs and friends

    • Russel of Find and Seek

    • The wonderful GMs at Hourglass Escapes (And thanks to Seth)

    • Amber and Jessica of Epic Team Adventures (And thanks to Jennifer Geske as well!)

    • Kristine of Escape Artist

    • Michael, Kenneth, Nate, Tad of Locurio (And thanks to Summer)

    • Harrison of Quest Factor

    • Giselle and Michelle of Pandora's Locks (And thanks to Brian)

    • And a special thanks to our friends who joined us in our escapes: Margaux, Leezet, Elvina, Justin Nevins, Emile Wang, Michelle, John, Dina, and Evan. It was great to have a crew to eat with, play games with, and talk for hours.

Music: Lutoslawski: Variations on a Theme of Paganini

Posted on July 12, 2019 .