101 - Teach an Escape Room Class

Manda and Errol talk to Brett Kuehner and Justin Seventko who taught a high school class how to create and build an escape room. There should be more escape room classes in education! And also, here is the document of Escape Room Design Resources mentioned in the podcast.

And we are bringing back parody songs! We’ll see how long that will hold up. This episode’s song was sung by Rachel Arpin, who also sang in the last episode!

It’s a parody of Natalie Imbruglia’s song Torn.

Well, we could see it had a nice decor
but did they know, were they aware
Of game design before
Cuz all of that was just ignored

Were they aware? Did they "ask why"?
Explanations felt so dry
And what's going on
For all their locks were worn

That was such a waste
This is how I feel. The room was kinda lame
And the puzzles were a bore
nothing was maintained
The wires weren't concealed
The rooms decayed and I can see that all the locks are worn
What did I just play?
All the locks are worn

Would you have guessed there weren't enough flashlights
We couldn't see what was there
and nothing did go right
we really hate this game and now
I don't care, we're so stuck
and it seems we missed so much
we want to put this code in
again this lock is worn

Posted on October 4, 2019 .