39 - Room Escape Divas Anniversary Episode!

Huzzah! It's been a year since we've been doing this podcast, and so today's episode is our anniversary!

We talk about upcoming events we're involved in, and also request more questions for our live podcast recording at Transworld's Room Escape Show!

And for our parody, Errol is a huge fan of Disney's Aladdin!

Escape With Me
Well we have role-played as honest thieves
and also locked within a thousand jails
We've mastered all these locks, you won't believe
All the rooms that we have won and failed
About an hour is the time allowed
Some very spacious and others cramped
We'll do a bunch, just ask! There is no doubt
It's a game that you'll describe as grand! So please say:
"What is this hobby, sir? You talk obsessively!
Is there one to check out in our town?"
well you've gotta come escape with me

Try one and come along, it's fun I guarantee!
You can pick a theme, what do you want?
well you've gotta come escape with me

But if you find that you are nervous
Or you're lost! Or scared! Withdrawn!
I do insist, you shouldn't miss!
This chance to be engulfed in awe!
When would you like to play? Your first one is my treat
I hear this room is well reviewed!
Well you've gotta come escape with me

Can we go solve this?
Can we go solve that?
Can you say there is
no better time had?
And-then you'll go "WHOAA!!"
Well look here! Ha ha!
And then you'll go crazy bananas, as you whip
through every room escape you get near!

So don't just sit there, shoeless, let's decide
on a room escape, be prepared!
You've got a friend who's gonna be your guide
It's quite addictive so be aware
You'll get a powerful urge for a quick break out
So don't worry, I get it, I know
If you're still confused what they're about
Well all you've gotta do is book and go, and oh---
What is this hobby sir, try one or two or three!
And you won't stop, when you get locked

Well you've gotta come escape, gotta come escape
Well you've gotta come escape, gotta come escape
Well you've gotta come escape with me!

Posted on April 25, 2017 .