35 - The Escape Room Industry with Nate Martin

Hello! In our 35th episode, we had a great time chatting with Nate Martin of Puzzle Break! We talk about his escape facility, Escape the Rubicon (his escape room on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship), and the escape room industry in general!

For our parody, Codegreen (whom I call leader) was excited to write a Moana parody! So she sent us the lyrics and got Si Miu to sing it! Huzzah! You can find them and their reviews on Escapers 4G.

And here are the lyrics for our parody song! ^_^

I've been staring at the words on the paper
Long as I can remember, never really knowing why
I wish , I could be a good escapist
But I know I'm not the greatest, no matter how hard I try

Every step I make, every Braille I crack
Every code I break, every clue leads back
How am I so slow, why do I not know
How to get the key

See the line of this code it's so hard and needs solving
Oh I don't know, my brain has froze
And I think I will fail for this room is beyond me
I'm not a pro, and I know my team's escape rate's kinda low

I know, we are working on these puzzles
they are happy with these puzzles
Everything is well designed
I know they are working on these puzzles
what's my role with these puzzles?
I dunno if we'll escape in time

I should solve not hide, I can see what's wrong
I'm not satisfied to just play along
But the voice inside says I take too long
What is wrong with me?

Shine the light on the wall I can see, it's tiny
No that's not right, use the black light
Here we go, there's a glow and it's pointing behind me
And now we'll know

Do you hear that chime, are we out of time?

See the line on the wall can you read it out to me
Just let me know, try the combo
But the words, I can see, they are written in Chinese
The final code, we were too slow...

Posted on March 22, 2017 .