Puzzle Design: Aha vs Process

In this Episode, Manpans and Errol talk about the difference between Aha and Process puzzles. We also talk about puzzle difficulty and discuss Manpans time at ConBravo where she took a newbie crew to experience The Crux in Hamilton.

Special thanks goes to Lyndsie Scoggin, Tammy Mcleod, and Errol's daughter, Zoe Elumir. They sang the extra vocal parts in the parody song "I've Made a Plan for this Room"

Let’s get down to business
To complete this one.
Spread our talents broader. We won’t be, outdone!
You’ll be glad we’ve come our minds are set
And you can bet, we’ll make it through!
Know that I’ve, made a plan, for this room.

Track our time and progress
Where’s the light? It’s dim!
Gather in the center
We’ll be sure to win
We will find this trail, we won’t be caught!
And we have to get the clues
Because I’ve, made a plan, for this room.

I’m never going to solve this test
Say goodbye to light I can’t see!
Boy there’s a lot of books where to begin?
It’s so dark I’m scared to death
Hope that I can find the right key
Now I really wish that I could ask for hints!

(Here’s the Plan)
We must be swift and we will deliver!
(Here’s the Plan)
But don’t use force else you’ll break the clues!
(Here’s the Plan)
Follow that length of electric wire!
We’ll seriously find the exit to this room!
— "I've Made a Plan for this Room": Parody of Mulan's "I'll Make a Man out of You"
Posted on August 5, 2016 .