OMG14 - Eye for a Post Apocalyptic Hero

In this episode Giles and Quinton discuss the games they have been playing, the models they have been painting, and the things they have been building. Finally they review three games:

Gaslands: A post-apocalyptic demolition derby, where cars, bikes, trucks and buggies duke it out for that elusive ticket to Mars.

Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea: A 4X fantasy game of empire building and all-out war.

Eye for an Eye: A real-time gladiatorial miniatures game with a unique theme and even more unique mechanics!

Eye for an Eye Kickstarter:


We hope you enjoy!

Gaslands - some Hot Wheels cars modified for use...

Eye for an Eye... unique theme and unique gameplay - great fun!

Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea...


Kings of War bases...

Kings of War bases...

Posted on May 2, 2018 .