OMG11 - Goals for 2018...

Welcome to Episode 11 of the On Minis Games podcast, in this episode Quinton and Giles discuss their goals for the coming year.

We discuss our goals for On Minis Games in 2018, the painting we hope to achieve, hobby goals and modelling projects, games we want to get back to the table and Quinton explains why he wants to play in some tournaments.


The games we discuss this episode include:

  • Heavy Gear Blitz, from Dream Pod 9.
  • Sharp Practice 2, from the Too Fat Lardies.
  • 878 Vikings, from Academy Games.
  • Battlestations 2nd ed, from Gorilla Games.
  • Mythic Battles Pantheon, from Monolith Games.
  • Kings of War, from Mantic Games.
  • Twilight: Chronicles of Anyaral, from Michael Thorp.
  • Infinity, from Corvus Belli.
  • Sword and Spear, from Great Escape Games.
  • Dux Britanniarum, from the Too Fat Lardies.
  • Symbaroum, from Jaringen and Modiphius Entertainment.
  • Mythic Battles Pantheon the RPG, from Monolith Games.
  • Feng Shui 2, from Atlas Games.
  • Heavy Gear RPG, from Dream Pod 9.
  • John Carter of Mars RPG, from Modiphius Entertainment.
  • Flash Gordon RPG, from Pinnacle Entertainment.
  • Kings of War Vanguard, from Mantic Games.
  • Perry Miniatures.
  • Fireforge Miniatures.
  • Rising Sun, from Cool Mini or Not.
  • GKR: Heavy Hitters, from Weta Workshop and Cryptozoic.
  • Lords of Hellas, from Asmodee.
  • 1066: Tears to Many Mothers, from Hall or Nothing Productions.
  • Wurm, from Editions icare.
  • Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne, from Nocturnal Media.
  • Western: The RPG, from Askfageln.
  • Joan of Arc, from Mythic Games.

Trebuchet, from Gripping Beast!


GKR: Heavy Hitters

Posted on February 8, 2018 .