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Power Up: Exploring Gaming in LIS Curricula


We are Aaron J. Elkins, PhD, Assistant Professor at Texas Woman’s University, and Jonathan M. Hollister, PhD, Assistant Professor at Pusan National University. We hope to better understand the current status, use, and discussion of games and gaming within American Library Association (ALA) accredited Library and Information Science (LIS) degree programs in the United States. Ultimately, we hope to provide curricular recommendations for LIS educators and programs as well as best practice guidelines for librarians and other information professionals.

If you are an LIS educator (this includes tenured/tenure-track faculty members, adjunct instructors, teaching faculty members, graduate lead instructors or graduate assistants, etc.) who have taught, are currently teaching, or developed curricular materials addressing gaming for an ALA-accredited degree program, then we’d like to hear from you! You can learn more about the study and participate, if you so choose, at the link here:

Participants may withdraw from the study at any time and there is no penalty for not participating. If you begin to participate and then choose to withdraw from the study, your partial data will not be analyzed: We will only use completed surveys. There is a potential risk of loss of confidentiality in all email, downloading, electronic meetings and internet transactions. If you have questions or need clarification about the study or your rights as a study participant, please do not hesitate to contact the Institutional Review Board at Texas Woman’s University by phone at 940-898-3378. The Human Subjects Research Committee assurance number is FWA00000178 and the IRB number is 19792. You may also contact Aaron J. Elkins at or Jonathan M. Hollister at directly. You can also use these contacts to enquire about the research results.

Thank you for your time and participation.

Best Regards,

Aaron J. Elkins, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Library & Information Studies
Texas Woman’s University

Jonathan M. Hollister, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Library, Archives, & Information Studies
Pusan National University

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