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A flier for one of our RPG sessions. 

A flier for one of our RPG sessions. 

We do more gaming in our library than we can easily discuss in the Games in Schools and Libraries podcast, and we frequently refer to items we have created at our library that we'd like to share in more detail, with pictures. 

What kind of stuff do we do? I'm glad you asked!

Besides hosting occasional tabletop focused events we offer regular open video gaming time at all of our branches in both our children's and YA areas. At three of the four branches we allow E, T and M rated games, but require explicit guardian permission for patrons to play (or watch) M rated games. In the past we've held tournaments, launch parties, race seasons, and other active participation events. 

Our Waccamaw Neck Branch Library has hosted family game nights that regularly last past 9pm. For about six years they were weekly but with the opening of our new location we have tabletop and video games available every day until 6:30 (half an hour before closing) instead of one day a week. Now each day has a theme, either of form factor like board games or CCGs, but the theme could also be based on activity like cooperative or ecology games, whether they are tabletop or digital. We can't forget Minecraft - we host an all ages Minecraft Day days on Friday, where we only allow E rated games.  

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In the summer we offer a wide variety of workshops and classes, including everything from video game design using Scratch and RPG Maker, to how to run or play in tabletop RPGs. This year we hosted two different game designers who hosted game design activities. One of the classes produced a game we will be having printed so we get copies of the game for each participant and for each branch. 


Shushcon takes place in March at the Waccamaw Neck Branch Library in Pawleys Island. ShushConn has two facets, gaming for the public over the course of the weekend and on Friday Morning we have a geek related training workshop for librarians. The first event in 2016 our workshop covered a dozen different topics relating to the geek lifestyle, including video games, anime, RPGs, Board Games, Cosplay, and several crafting activities. In 2017 we focused on Escape Rooms, teaching both the basics of what they are and how to make them. 

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If you have questions about what we do, please ask! If you have experience with games in your school or library please contact me about sharing your story in this blog.

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Posted on August 24, 2017 .