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We are thrilled to officially announce that Kathleen Mercury is joining us as a host for the Games in Schools and Libraries podcast. As an unrepentant geek of many stripes Kathleen teaches gifted middle school students in St. Louis, Missouri. designs games, engages in cosplay, and is on the planning board for Geekway to the West, Saint Louis Missouri's premier gaming event. 

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"Kathleen has been teaching for 14 years. For the past 10 years, she's taught game design to her 7th grade students, and teaches RPG design, cosplay, filmmaking, and anything else weird and geeky she can to her 8th grade students. When she started, finding resources for the classroom was nearly impossible, so she decided to share her game design teaching resources for free to help other educators. Now, her resources are used at all grade levels around the world. You can find her online at www.kathleenmercury.com, on boardgamegeek.com as funk donut, and on twitter at @mmmmmmmercury."

She Loves hearing from folks around the world who find and use the resources she provides on her web site. If you're looking for a fun presenter at conferences about teaching game design to kids, design thinking, and/or teaching gifted kids, she's your gal. She's also hilarious.




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Geekway to the West

Kathleen is on the planning board of Geekway to the West, a 2800+ person game convention in Saint Louis, MO, specializing in game design events and Fancy Gaming, which is exactly what it sounds like.



Game Designer

Kathleen has two games under contract at the moment: Crash Course with IDW Games and a game in development with Kolossal Games. Kathleen enjoys games that are as fun to play as they are to win, so innovative gameplay and high thematic integration are her hallmarks. Eventually.


Besides having been a featured guest on Cyrils Brettspiele podcast with Nils Herzmann she has previously appeared in episodes 73, 72, 53, and 42 of Games in Schools and Libraries.
If you would like to join Kathleen on the show, or just have questions you'd like her to address with her guests, please drop her a note

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Posted on October 11, 2017 .