Room Escape Divas is now hosted by Inverse Genius!

Room Escape Divas is now hosted by Inverse Genius!

On Board Games

In  December 2006 Donald Dennis recruited Erik Dewey and Scott Nicholson to record  On Board Games. Two short months later  episode zero was released, and  the show has been released, with some degree of regularity, ever since.  

The voices of On Board Games has changed quite a bit since then. Erik and Donald are still the producers and sound engineers for the show, but Scott is less of a regular and more of a special guest.

Scott's chair was impossible for just one person to fill so the format of the show changed, and the third chair is now filled with a variety of talented guests; designers, publishers, other podcasters, and fans of gaming. 

The third era of the show started with the Crowdfunding Edition, first hosted by Jason Frye, but was fleshed out and became the hobby's premier source for board game related crowdfunding campaign information by Isaac Shalev with Donald sitting in the co-host chair. As amazing as that was, it only got better when Donald was replaced on Crowdfunding Edition by the vibrant and talented Stephanie Straw. 

Today the Crowdfunding edition has been dissolved, but On Board Games continues on stronger than ever with Isaac, Stephanie, and Bruce Voge, joining Erik & Donald as hosts and co-hosts.   



In March 2013 Erik and Donald decided to expand their conversations from Board Games to also talk about Role Playing Games. 

The focus of On RPGs is gaming from the perspective of the busy person that also wants to be an active RPG gamer. Episodes are usually between 20 and 45 minutes, each focusing on a different aspect of role playing games.  Occasionally they will have on friends or special industry guests.  

Inverse Genius Podcast

Come listen to a variety of personalities talk about things they like from books to music, film to tv, and everything in between.




The current incarnation of Games in Schools and Libraries includes a podcast and a blog is hosted by Donald Dennis, Kathleen Mercury, and Stephanie Frey with the purpose of helping teachers and librarians integrate games into their classes and activities.

The Games in Schools and Libraries podcast was created by Giles Pritchard, a teacher St Georges Rd Primary School in Shepparton Australia, and Donald Dennis, a librarian for the Georgetown County Library System, to look at games and their places in collections for either educational use or as part of a library collection. Giles produced the first run of the show.