TheNephalope Channel

Neph’s channel focuses on Let’s Plays, Multiplayer Gaming, Art Streams, and Tabletop RPG Sessions. Let’s Plays tend to focus on story-driven puzzle games and have included titles such as Silent Hill, Deltarune, Hollow Knight, and The Room. Multiplayer games are highly varied and can be anything from The Secret World to Diablo 3 to Stardew Valley. Neph will also sometimes do off-schedule art streams and multiplayer games. Tabletop RPG days are announced via Twitter but usually happen on Saturdays.

Intended Audience

Neph welcomes geeks of all kinds to hang out and chat while she struggles with whatever madness she’s determined to face that day, whether it be actual demons or metaphorical ones. Neph’s Channel is generally PG-13, and any Mature Content will be marked with a Mature Filter.



6p EST - 9p EST


6p EST - 9p EST

Saturday RPGs

6p EST