The OMG podcast is essentially retired, but we will leave the feed up for the morbidly curious. You may hear the hosts join us on other shows, because we really like them.

About OMG

On Minis Games is a podcast idea I have been chatting to Don and Erik about for some time, and we're finally in the position where we are ready to hit record. On Minis Games will be hosted by myself and my good friend Quinton, both of us have more miniatures for more miniatures games than we are ever likely to be able to get to the table, and are passionate about this style of game. We don't plan on covering any specific miniatures game in extreme detail, many games have dedicated podcasts. We're aiming at something more general, a resource for those interested in the hobby, and, hopefully, some entertaining discussion on a variety of miniatures games.

We aim to keep the trademark roundtable in place, with a focus on a specific game or company, or an aspect of the hobby like painting, or terrain building. Our goal is to keep episodes around the 30-50 minute mark, and hopefully this is something we can manage!

Both Quinton and I, (and I hope Don, Erik and the gang) are excited by On Minis Games, and we hope (that some at least) of the listeners and fans of the Inverse Genius stable will be pleased to see this new podcast added to the group. We have much to do yet, with music, a logo and many other little pieces still to get into place, but we are on the march!

If there are any Inverse Genius fans out there who have a view on what they'd like to see a minis games podcast include, please comment here, or drop us an email at

-Giles Pritchard