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Donald Dennis 

Host, producer, and sound engineer, for the On Board Games and Games in Schools and Libraries podcasts. Donald also appears on the On RPGs podcast as a disruptive influence and inverse genius. 

For his day job Donald works in the Georgetown County Library system where he is the Teen Technology and Games Librarian. His job duties include making spaces game friendly, curating the games and technology collection, and setting up game and technology outreach for patrons age 10+ at all four library locations.   

Gaming Vitae

Grant Management

2016 LSTA Grant 21st Century Skills for Eco-Literacy

Georgetown County Library System

  • Co-Designer Eco-Escape, an escape room for the Georgetown County Library System
  • Presented on escape room design for libraries (see Presentations) 
  • Scheduled game design classes with local game designers
  • Studio Head for in-library game studio

2014 SPARKS! Ignition Grant for Libraries on Transformative Youth Technologies: Digital-age Critical Workforce Skills for Teens & Twenty-somethings

Georgetown County Library System 

  • Hosted Escape Room Camp Waccamaw Neck Branch Library, South Carolina 2016
  • Hosted CS First: Video Game Design workshops2015 -2016
  • Created and purchased  $1000+ board game collection for Georgetown County Library System

Bunnelle Youth Technology Experience Series (BYTES) Strategic Grant Manager

Georgetown County Library System 2008-2012

  • Managed games and technology programs at the Georgetown County Library System
  • Organized dozens of game tournaments
  • Taught 

Published Works

Teen Games Rule!: A Librarian's Guide to Platforms and Programs

  • Co Author, Chapter 3: Interactive Teen Gaming Programs : Georgetown County Library, South Carolina

Cited in

Journal of Childhood Education, Volume 94, 2018 - Issue 1

Professional Presentations

American Library Association Summer Annual 2017

  • Presenter: Escape to the Library Pre-conference
  • Presenter: Games & Gaming Round Table Sharing Session
  • Presenter: Games 101

Georgetown County Library Staff In-Service 2017

  • Presenter: LSTA ECO Literacy Grant Overview and Goals
  • Presenter: Escape Rooms in Libraries

Shushcon 2017

  • Presenter & Workshop Lead: Escape Room Creation for Libraries

SC State Library Teen Services Exchange, January 2017

  • Presenter: Escape Rooms in Libraries

SC State Library, September January 2016

  • Presenter: Games in Libraries - Justification and Implementation

Georgetown County Library Staff In-Service 2016

  • Presenter: Games at the Georgetown County Library

Shushcon 2016

  • Presenter: Video Games on XBOX 1, PS4, and STEAM for Libraries
  • Presenter: Game Demos for Librarians
  • Presenter: Unconventional Conventions - Game Events at Libraries

Pee Dee Children's Librarians 2014 & 2015

  • Presenter & Training Session: Modern Board Games for Libraries

Georgetown County Library Staff In-Service 2013

  • Training Session: Creating Community Through Games

Georgetown County Library Staff In-Service 2011

  • Training Session: Using Games to Understand Perception Gaps

BGG.con 2011

  • Presenter: Games in Libraries

ALA TechSource Gaming Learning & Libraries Symposium 2007

  • Presenter: Creating a Game Friendly Environment


Media - Inverse Genius

On Board Games Episodes 1 - current

  • Executive Producer  
  • Editor
  • Podcast correspondent
  • Host
  • Reviewer
  • Sound Engineer 

Games in Schools and Libraries Episodes 1 - current

  • Co-host  
  • Producer
  • Sound Engineer

On RPGS Episodes 1 - current

  • Co-host
  • Assistant Sound Engineer 

Inverse Genius - current

  • Co-host
  • Producer
  • Assistant Sound Engineer 

Room Escape Divas

  • Guest (Episode 10)
  • Guest (Episode 48)

Media - Outside Sources


  • Pssst... Games in Libraries... Still Cool.
    December 8, 2016
    (Episode 9)

The Party Gamecast - What the Food

  • Guest with Professor Laserbooks, Jared Hunnerfeld, and Your Moderator Chris
    (Episode 10)

Board Game Hour Podcast

  • Guest with Scott (Episode 10)

Board Games with Scott

  • Guest host (Episode 37)


  • Guest Host (Episode 10)

How to Play

  • Guest (Episode 16)

Rolling Dice and Taking Names

  • Guest with Erik Dewey (Episode 60)

Game Clubs

Grand Strand Gamers

  • Co-founder

Bishop McGuinness Player’s Guild

  • Member

Bishop McGuinness Gaming Society

  • Founding Member & Officer
  • Event Planner
  • Liaison with Faculty

Player’s Guild of Central Oklahoma

  • Founding Member
  • Officer
  • President
  • Event Organizer


  • Regional Director
  • Chaosium Event Sanctioning

Syracuse Board Gamers

  • Member

Events & Conventions

Game room organization multiple years

  • ShushCon 2016 - 2018
  • BMHS School Olympics
  • Psurrealcon
  • Soonercon
  • Thundercon
  • Player’s Guild DoGs (Day of Games)
  • ICE Breaker – Iron Crown Enterprises company event
  • DreamCon (1991)

Attend and Support

  • Board Game Geek Con
  • Dice Tower Con
  • Stormcon SC
  • SCARAB, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Seancon
  • Gathering of Friends
  • PLAY!
  • Conjuration
  • Contest
  • OKON
  • DunDracon
  • Kublacon
  • Niagara Boardgames
  • Conestoga

Company Convention Support


  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Green Knight Publishing
  • Second Rat Games
  • Chaosium


  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Green Knight
  • Chaosium


  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Green Knight

Company Work

Stronghold Games

  • Knight of the Stronghold/Demo Team Member at BGG Con


  • RPGA Regional Director
  • RPGA Scenario Sanctioning for non TSR properties. 


  • Convention Support
  • RPGA scenario sanctioning
  • Playtester

Iron Crown Enterprises

  • Silent Death Line Developer
  • Combat Express Brand Manager
  • Playtester for dozens of products
  • Event support
  • Tournament creation
  • Web Site Designer

Mayfair Games

  • Playtest & Demo

Green Knight Publishing

  • Pendragon RPG Line Developer
  • Art Director
  • Convention and event support

Second Rat Games

  • Co Owner
  • Designer
  • Art Director
  • Convention Events
  • Sound Engineer